Since 1997, TSF has been an online gaming community that values maturity, professionalism, and fun times. Experience our team by joining as a CoD member today!
Call of Duty

Active Call of Duty Team Recruiting New Members

Looking for a Call of Duty team and tired of underwhelming choices? TSF welcomes you to experience the difference our community has made for gamers since 1997.

TSF is seeking players to join for its team in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Warzone. TSF plays on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.
If you are looking for a Call of Duty team to join, many suggest trying out TSF. They welcome both new and old players alike, have a non-toxic atmosphere, and are seeking players that want to enjoy the game as well as communicate and win. Perhaps you just need some suggestions for your loadout, or you are looking for the best classes in Call of Duty.
Serious and Organized

We've been operating as a team, without missing a single day, since our founding in 1997. Our leadership is active every day keeping our community going and works to be responsive to the needs of the player.

Enjoyable and Open

Our team has an easy-going and enjoyable atmosphere. We accept people from all over the world and have a diverse community. Our stability minimizes drama and maximizes activity and fun.

Resources for the Gamer

In addition to high-quality game servers, we provide our members with redundant servers for voice communication, organizational tools, and the flexibility to utilize them effectively.

Mature and Professional

Many of our members are at least in their 20s and those who are in their teens are expected to show a developed sense of maturity in order to join. We pride ourselves on our professional image and spirit.

Ready for Competition

In Call of Duty, we aim to offer competition opportunities for our members, holding regular practices and preparing seriously for matches, so our members can reach the height of their abilities.

Refuge for Casual Players

If you're not interested in playing in matches, no sweat. We welcome casual players who want reliable public games with great teammates online almost every day.

Call of Duty is made for strategy and teamwork. TSF can help you connect with the players you need to reach your full potential. Please visit us to see for yourself, and thank you!

The world of online gaming communities is vast and complex. Many gamers are looking for players on Discord and looking for a clan to join. It can be quite difficult to find a premier gaming team which is accessible to join. Fortunately, the TSF gaming team is open for players to join, regardless of experience or skill level. So if you are looking for a good clan, you should consider TSF, one of the most-experienced online gaming communities around.

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